The Days work

My partner was not here to work on our Uganda study’s so I worked on my SS. I have reached my first major project in it. I hope to be done it by next Monday or  Tuesday, if not soon and i am doing a poster on the France in the 1600 and 1500 century.

The Days work

September.12 2012

We are staring our inquiy work. I am working on children right in Uganda. I am looking at how they compare to Canada and the rest of the world. I am hoping to learn morn about the county and why the human rights are the way they are. I plan or doing this by look at the history and the present government of county.



Today we stared breaking drown our big question to smaller ones in order to make in simpler. We answered most of them to day. Tomorrow i plan or making morn question and look deeper in to the everyday life of some one living there.



we are staring to put together own power point. We found a great site and as really helped as get on track and offed up lots of information. Uganda is a very interesting place and was had a hard past. I am really glad that we picked it. I am staring to formulate an answer to the question in my head, which helps me pick the information I should put in the power point. My out look on Uganda has change quite a bit over the last little while which is I guess the great thing about doing something like this.




today we almost finished the project we just have to look over it and mack sure we have everything we need for it. And add some pictures that’s what i am going to be doing over the weekend looking for pictures. On Monday we plan on putting together the finishing touches on the project. We answer the big question today. Over the past few days we have learn a lot about Uganda’s history. It really helped me to realizes what is is/was like in the county.