Feedback for inquiry project

The bast comment was

I learned that the British ruled Uganda at one point

I liked the beginning how you put your discussion topics

I suggest that next time you speak up, and that you don’t read of the PowerPoint”

 by Cassidy Cooper

a) It was good because it is something I really need to work on when presenting. I should practice morn before and be morn ready. I should have memorized some of the information so I did not have to read it all of the slides.

b) Yes It was usefully because know I know how to unproved my next project.


A) I learned that its very hard to pick something and focus on it when you have no guide lines to go by and its something i am hoping to get better at over the coming year. Also that you need do chose the questing you are asking very carefully.

B) I need help with my presentation skills and the information i chose to put on my slides.


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