Dose Bram Stoker Dracula Pass The Bechdel Test?

To pass the bechdel test the book/movie/ect needs to have at least two named women in it. Who talk to each other, about something besides a man.  Dracula dose pass the first test there are fact a grand total of 3 named female charters in Dracula (Mrs. Westenra, Lucy and mina, ). It’s hard to know if something counts as passing the Bechdel test in Dracula because in large part it’s in dairy and letter form. In mina journal she talks a lot about Lucy and her wellbeing. (Thought she almost always maintains Jonathan as well) and from these dairy we get the general idea that they have conversation about other things beside the men in their lives.  But we don’t hear about it. The conversation we do hear about are about their men.  I could only find real evidence of two conversation between two women not being about  men and they were both in Mina journals.  In Chapter 8 Mina talks in her journal about Lucy telling her about a sleep walking episode. The problem with this is, it’s was not much of a conversation but Lucy telling a story to Mina.  The other is when Mina mentions in her dairy that Mrs. Westenra has told her she only has months to live.  This is mention is such quick passing I cannot say it counts.  Mrs. Westenra and Lucy both died very early in the book.  I can’t say I think Dracula pass the Bechdel test, the letters which I would say are the true test are filled with talk of men and nothing else really.  If Bram stoker had include even one conversation or letter exchanged that did not include the talk of men but something else perhaps the female characters might have been a little more believable.

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